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since 1984
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In 1984, I got initiated in Logo programming by the animators of the old Centre Mondial de l'Informatique, and since then I have been practicing this activity for my pleasure. I organized my life so as to work very little and to have as much leisure as I can. This allows me to devote the major part of my time to analysis and development, in spite of a few little health problems luckily not too bothersome for the moment.

After having programmed in assembly language for DOS during a long time, I decided at last in 1998 to learn Windows programming. I started this learning with a card game software called Élysée for which I have programmed the API directly in C. I have done only basic things, but I liked it. The other card game programs (Bel Atout, SimiliBridge and Far Whist) followed on from each other rather naturally.

I have a passion especially for artificial intelligence. I find extreme pleasure in having a difficult deal well played by the machine. All the more so since my engines are based on decision rules and game analysis rather close to the ones used by human players. Dissecting our way of thinking and translating it into a program is really exciting. I've spent some time on systematic solving (that studies one by one all the lines of play), but it is much less amusing.

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Connected to Internet since 1995, I still visit the web rather rarely. And I am not fond, but not at all, of network games. I like much better playing around a table with the family or friends. Besides I build my programs with the aim of recalling some happy times around a table. But I agree that a computer is the perfect tool to get initiated or to practice or simply to keep on playing when no partners can be found.

I hope that non commercial sites like mine will exist for a long time. For that, site hosts like Orange (that are not free) should not show ads when opening our pages, nor collect data about our visitors. At least, we can wish they don't. In any case, enjoy your visit and above all, make the most of my free programs. Remember that to play with them, you don't need to be connected!

Best wishes