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Showing deals on computer

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Showing deals on computer to illustrate a theoretical explanation is probably the most frequent way of using SimiliBridge as an activity leader. If the leader wants to explain a technical point to his players, that must be very short and relatively attractive. Writing playing cards on the blackboard or dealing them at the table is possible, but often takes rather a long time to set up. A computer presentation (with a desktop or laptop, with or without data projector) can then prove to be more practical and more captivating. It has the following advantages :

  • Quick to install
    The computer will be switched on in advance, or left in sleep mode. After coming out of sleep, the screen will display the first deal of the explanation.

  • Easy to use
    The leader can easily move from one deal to the other (by the mouse wheel, for example).

  • Easy to reuse
    From one year to the next, from one group to the next, the same file will be reused. The leader may prepare several theoretical files according to levels, and pick one of them at the right moment.

Little tips about deal files in SimiliBridge

  1. A file can contain up to 999 deals
    So, don't hesitate to put several deals together in the same file. However, it is advisable to make rather small files, that will be named in the appropriate way and classified in folders according to level, kind of technique, etc. For a short explanation to young players, 6 deals are often more than enough!

  2. Each deal in a file is saved with all its rule options
    Each deal is saved with all the rule options (scoring, bidding and playing techniques) that were checked when being built. Therefore, the leader can open a file for beginners, and at the next moment a file for advanced players. The options required are automatically restored.

  3. Each deal can be displayed at a precise bidding or playing position
    To make your presentation easier, you may need to show a deal at a precise bidding or playing position, without having to replay the whole deal from the beginning. This can be done very simply thanks to the Save position button.

    Save position So, you just have to move first to the bidding or playing situation you want to show, and next click this button. Then, the deal will always be displayed at that position.

  4. You can change the presentation of a file when opened
    If you want that the cards are hidden when opening a file, or that the computer doesn't show its choice, or that the explanation of the decision is displayed rather than the scores, this is possible by the File / Presentation of file when opened menu.

    Check this box so that if the presentation is changed on a deal, it will be applied again when moving to the next one.

    Advice : It's better to first make your deals without bothering about the file presentation. Next, when the deals are ready, you change the presentation of the file. Then, you can prepare your commentary according to each deal displayed.

  5. Restoring the initial position of a deal
    When presenting a deal, the leader can play the cards one by one, go back to the previous card, down to the next one, etc., so as to try the lines of play being suggested, or show the result of some choice or other. If after having studied one line of play he wants to go back to the initial position, he clicks this button. Then the deal is reread from its file.

    Restore position Press this button to restore the deal to its initial position.

  6. Adding a title or a comment to a deal
    To make his presentation easier, the leader can add to certain deals a title or a short comment reminding about the question to be asked or the thread of his explanation. That can be done very simply by the Change deal title button.

    Change deal title You can also use the Ctrl+T shortcut key, or directly click the title bar at the bottom of the screen.

  7. Ending a deal rapidly
    If the South controlled by computer button is checked, the Play very quickly button is enabled and allows to end the deal rapidly. Sometimes, this helps to show that if this card is played..., the contract goes down! And if that other card is played (after having
    restored the initial position)..., the contract is made!

    South controlled by computer  Play very quickly Young players are fond of this kind of proof. The leader will take care to make sure in advance that his demonstration is successful.

  8. What is the use of the Clear from position button ?
    A deal that is displayed at a certain position is of course memorized with all the bids and cards chosen before this position. But it can also be saved with all the choices made after this position. This allows to replay a deal in the same way it has been played from the beginning to the end. To delete this memory from the current position, and thus restore the freedom of choice for the four players, click the Clear from position button.

    Clear from position Once you have cleared the memory from position, you also have to save the position if you want the deal to be always shown in this way.
    Clear from position When this button is grayed, it means that there is no choice (bid or card) saved after the current position. Then, players have free choice.
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Examples of presentation files

Here are a few deal files given as examples. You can download them by clicking the link below. These deals are copyright free, as all the deals shown in SimiliBridge. So, you can use them as you like, modify them or simply be inspired by them.
Zip file - 11.5 Ko
Download this file, and then extract it to the folder of your choice.

Contents of the Zip file

File Kind of presentation
INICOM1_Card playing.bri
INICOM2_Bidding in minibridge.bri
INICOM3_Two first deals.bri
Three little files to introduce someone to bridge directly on computer (for example, the leader has only one player, or is making a presentation with computer and data projector).
BEGBID11_Finding the contract_rB.bri 4 deals to find the right contract in minibridge.
BEGCAR31_Establishing honor tricks.bri
BEGCAR32_Establishing length tricks.bri
BEGCAR33_First opening leads_NT.bri
BEGCAR34_First opening leads_AT.bri
BEGCAR35_Playing third hand.bri
Several small files (4 to 6 deals) to make players think of a game plan, or find the right card to play. Basic techniques for beginners.

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