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My current state of health: October 2018

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Let's begin with the most cheering news: I'm still fine! My movements no longer appear, except occasionally, much weaker than in 2009 and almost always related to some particular event (see the following pages). Since 2015, I have pulsatile tinnitus in my left ear, with a hearing loss of 25%. But the different examinations I had didn't show anything abnormal, and I finally got used to this half blocked ear. As for all the rest, the lights are green!

I'm still working and lucky enough to have a large amount of leisure hours that I fully enjoy. This year, I've released a major version of my four card game programs, with a lot of work behind (around 35 hours of programming per week). My capacity for reflecting and memorizing and concentrating is as good as always, and my morale is very high. As for my physical abilities, each week I ride my mountain bike for a total of 4 to 5 hours, I have 2 hours of light weight training and 3 kilometers of slow swimming at the pool (legs, arms, four strokes). What else could I ask for?


So no wonder why I had great summer holidays, as described by the little postcard below:

July 2018 - 63 years old
It's in the Gulf of Morbihan, precisely at Séné (south of Vannes), that I settled down this year in a charming little campsite in the middle of the fields. The sun shone during my whole stay, which let me walk and ride on almost all paths in the region. The coastal paths around the cove of Séné, on one side towards Conleau and on the other side towards Port-Anna, not to mention the nature reserve of the Séné marsh. And of course all the cycling routes of the Rhuys peninsula, that I could easily reach thanks to the ferry that every day helped me to cross the small channel between Montsarrac and Saint-Armel. What a lot of little roads and paths, perfectly flat and often lined with high embankments and hundred-year-old oaks that gave me the impression of riding in the forest all the time! July 2018 N°1
July 2018 N°2

Castle of Suscinio

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