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My very first symptoms

August 2011 - 56 years old

August 2011
Photo taken on the GR 51 hiking trail during a walk and bike ride in the hills between Ceyreste and Saint-Cyr-Sur-Mer (near Marseille - South of France).

I quite often ride my mountain bike throughout the year and during the holidays. Most often on tracks or paths, and always smoothly. As soon as the slope is a little steep, I get off my bike and push!


July 2012 - 1
July 2012 - 57 years old

Photos taken in Balaruc-les-Bains, near Sète (South of France).

While I keep being average at bowls, I can still swim rather well. In 2009, I swam 32" for 50m freestyle (in a 25 meters-long pool). For an old competitive swimmer, it's rather bad, but I train only once a week, and in an amateurish way. Besides, now I prefer to avoid sprinting, for the reasons I gave above.

July 2012 - 2

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August 2013 - 1
August 2013 - 58 years old

Photos taken at home where I practice my piano... still at the beginner level - I've not improved since 30 years ago!

And in my wonderful region (south of Paris) where I often go riding or walking (forests, cycle tracks, country roads and hiking trails are numerous and varied). I've lost count of roes met in the woods and grey herons around lakes. And I'm also found of trees that I've recently started learning to identify. A real delight.

August 2013 - 2
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July 2014 - 59 years old

How lucky to be still fine! Each time I'm out for a walk (here, during my holidays in the region of Grasse - south of France), I'm amazed at being so healthy, five years after the first signs of the disease. And yet it is there! During these holidays, I made a mistake by playing in a bowls tournament, in which I reached the final. My heart was beating fast, of course, with a big adrenaline flow that - it becomes more and more obvious - has a bad effect on me. In the following days, I had during the night some movements I never had before: a kind of electrocution during nearly 2 seconds, while my whole body moves about with no way to stop it. I am conscious, since I'm afraid to fall off the bed, but my brain does no longer respond.

Fortunately, these symptoms occurred only on three nights, dying down at each time. And they didn't come back since. That is what is encouraging. By living quietly and taking my treatment regularly, the symptoms seem to vanish in the end. Let's hope it lasts!

July 2014
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July 2015
July 2015 - 60 years old

This year, I spent unforgettable holidays in the dune forests of Carcans, Hourtin and Lacanau (Gironde - France) in the middle of maritime pines and strawberry trees. The numerous and nicely winding cycle paths allowed me to have long and charming rides. And at twilight, when the yellow rays of the setting sun were painting the young pines with bright green, what a delight to walk slowly in the quietness of the sandy paths dotted with a thousand tracks! These tracks were promising some magical encounters. Two hares and two roe deer and three boars kept their promises...
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July 2016 - 61 years old

I had never visited the region of Martigues and the "Blue Coast" (Côte Bleue), to the west of Marseille (South of France). It's a beautiful area where I was surprised to be able to make numerous bike rides without too much effort. The forest paths often follow the small valleys between the hills, and are relatively flat. So, I managed to cover large expanses of forest and scrubland, and contemplate some unforgettable landscapes and viewpoints. Not to mention my daily games of bowls at the campsite, with the players coming from Marseille. So many good times!
Juillet 2016 n°2
Juillet 2016 n°1 And I remember a dream picnic in a little deserted creek on the bank of the Etang de Berre lake. With a swim in clear and cool water, hardly salty, in a nice warm sun, with no sound but the water lapping and the cicadas chirping. See by yourself:

Video Butterfly 2016
mp4 format - 5,17 MB Butterfly 2016
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Video Crawl 2016
mp4 format - 6,60 MB Crawl 2016

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July 2017 - 62 years old
July 2017 n°1 What a delight! I was returning from a picnic in Beg Meil, on a charming little path running along the beaches and the tidal basins, and I was not far from my campsite in Bénodet (South Brittany). When suddenly I came across this bird-watching hide facing the White Sea. It was low tide. A few black-headed gulls and little egrets were quietly feeding under the blazing sun. How peaceful and beautiful! During my stay I had almost no rain, which was ideal for bike riding. But on the two last days, the wind got up. The tide was high and the sea was rough. The herring gulls were playing in the gusts and diving into the waves. Some windsurfers and kitesurfers were trying to do the same. There was nobody on the large beaches with their white sand wetted by the sea spray and the drizzle. The wild Brittany was at last revealing itself before my dazzled eyes!

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